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The article is devoted to problems of modern forms of teaching in the system of postgraduate education. To review selected reception classes in the form of business (role-playing) games. Substantiates didactic and methodical purpose of the business game. The definition of the concept of “business game”, its types, scientific and methodological basis, the stages of […]

Seminar tour: a new form of professional training and advanced training of doctors

The article is devoted to problems of innovative forms of  learning in  postgraduate education. Didactic value of seminars is substantiated. Provided the  definition of  «seminar», its purpose, tasks, forms, scientific and methodological grounds. Thesis there is determined the characteristics and features of seminars in the system of postgraduate education. The specific features of the organization […]

Role of seminar lesson during internship on «pulmonology and phthisiology» speciality

Data about role of seminars on internship cycle on «pulmonology and phthisiology» speciality in postgraduate education structure is processed and systematised. Necessity of application of methodological approaches to seminar at doctors during internship, and their improvement is shown. Depending on an audience, advantages and disadvantages of various types of seminars are defined.

Features of preparation of entomologies at the postgraduate education

The article says about the features of postgraduate training of laboratory centers of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service in entomology, and about the relationship of entomology with other sciences and professions.

Using the integrated training at the department of pathology

The article discusses the use of integrated education in the adjacent course of the Pathological Anatomy. Audience are interns-surgeons and interns-TB-doctors. The purpose of the method — the formation of doctors holistic view of the pathological anatomy of diseases.

Interdisciplinary integration of postgraduate training of physicians at the department of narcology KhMAPE in the field of diagnostics of the state of intoxication

For increase of a professional level of doctors of different profile on the problems of examination of acute alcohol and other intoxication of the Department of narcology KhMAPE developed and implemented a new cycle of thematic improvement «Diagnostics of a state of intoxication».

Perinatal ultrasound diagnostic of conqenital heart diseases as a step of genetic monitoring

Congenital heart disease still prevalent among congenital lacly among newborns and are the mean reason of neonatal lethal outcome. Ultrasound diagnostic in a early termprenatal and postnatal echocardiography gives an opportunity to set a topical diagnosis and to determine volume of operative intervention to a child with a congenital heart disease. Education of prenatal and […]