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Authors discuss innovative ways of implementing a competence model for training doctors at the stage of continuous professional education: implementation of e-learning programs. As a discussion, authors consider issues of increasing the motivation of primary contact physicians to informatization of education: the foundation of the distance e-learning course, the reasoning of obtaining new theoretical knowledge […]

Distance form education in higher school, the theoretical justification and practical aspects for the use

Information technology in an educational system is the one of the main features that connects a student or listener with the world knowledge, develops their creativity and intelligence. The development of such technology is prospective tendency for educational process enhancement and implementation of the distance forms of learning.

The optimization of endoscopic surgery training in postgraduate education with the usage of telecommunicational technologies

The paper deals with the use of telecommunication system operating in the clinic, which enables us to provide not only an effective aid to the patient, but also to conduct training of doctors through distance education in real time.

The features of preparation of obstetrics-gynaecologist in system of continuous formation

The modern information about continuous preparation of obstetrics-gynaecologists takes into account the modern methods of teaching is presented in article. It is described that to form the professional skills and abi­lities we can use: multimedia lectures, elements of the controlled from distance education, electronic textbooks, introduction in the process of evidence-based medicine teaching, clinical protocols, […]

Training the prevention of nosocomial infections in modern conditions

An important component of effective control of nosocomial infections is vocational training, which should be based on the multidisciplinary know­ledge and skills in the field of hospital epidemiology, clinical microbiology, desinfectology etc., carried out using sophisticated technology — electronic means of distance education.

Features of distance education for improvement educations of doctors-psychologists, psychologists and psychotheraputists in medical institutions

The question of distance education in Ukraine is becoming more important these days. It is therefore necessary to consider the possibility of introducing information technology to the practice of health care workers in Ukraine. Scientific advances in medicine, processing and introduction of new methods of diagnosis and treatment necessitate continuous education of health professionals. That […]