Information for authors

The editorial board of the journal “Problems of Uninterrupted Medical Training and Science” accepts articles for publication in Ukrainian, Russian and English. According to item 6 of the Procedure of forming the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Order No. 32, 15 January, 2018), DOI is assigned to each scientific article published in our journal.

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 409 dated 17 March, 2020, the journal was included into the List of professional scientific periodicals of Ukraine (category “B”).

The article submitted to the editors must answer certain requirements.

  1. The article must have attached directive of the institution where it is executed, and the advice of expert commission.
  2. The article is endorsed by the scientific leader, whose signature is certified by a round seal, the article is signed by all the authors, noting the last name, first name, middle name, postal address with postal code, phone number (home, office).
  3. The article is accompanied by copyright information (all scientific data, ORCID, email address).
  4. The article is submitted in two copies, the size of the article is 7-8 pages; the size of short messages is 1-3 pages. Text is printed on one side of a standard sheet (format А4, 210х297 mm), 1.5 interval; electronic version of the article must have *.doc extension created in the Microsoft Word text editor, font Times New Roman Cyr, 14 pt.

    The first page of the article should consist of elements presented in the following sequence:
    UDC Index.
    Article title.
    Author (with academic degree, academic status) – in Ukrainian, Russian, English.
    The name of the institution in which the work was performed (in the language of the article).
    Structured annotation for a publication that fully reveals the essence of the work – in Ukrainian, Russian, and English (not less than 1800 symbols) : article title, author, relevance, purpose of the work, results of work, conclusion, keywords (no more than 4-5).

    The content of the article: introduction (relevance of work), materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and prospects of work, list of references being used for the last 5 years (according to ДСТУ 8302: 2015 ) and list of references (according to APA standard ).

    The list of references should contain up to 10 items for original articles, not more than 30-40 items for scientific reviews. All the references are numbered and served in the order of mentioning in the text. References in the text of the article are indicated in square brackets, for example: [1], [2, 3].

    The authors are responsible for the correctness of the data given in the references list.

  5. All designations of measures, units of physical quantities, the results of clinical and laboratory studies should be given in accordance with the International System of Units (SI), the terms – according to the International Classification of Diseases.
  6. In the description of experimental studies it must be indicated the type, sex and number of animals, methods of anesthesia during manipulations related to causing pain to animals, the method of killing them or taking material from them for laboratory research in accordance with the rules of humane treatment of animals (according to the principles of bioethics). The names of the companies and preparations should be given in the original transcription.
  7. Drawings and images in electronic form (in shades of gray) must be the files with *.jpg, *.tif extension, size 9х12 cm, 300 dpi.
    The figures in the text must have a link, for instance (Fig. 1) or (Fig. 2-5). The caption to the figure is: «Fig. 1. Caption of the figure» or «Fig. 1. Caption of the figure: a – name of subsection; б – name of subsection».

    If the figure shows a dependency or graph (grayscale image only), then caption must have explanation of all the drawing symbols including axes.

    The inscriptions on all figures should be made in the same style.

    Attention! The printed version of the journal comes in B & W version.

  8. The manuscript must be carefully edited and agreed with the author. The manuscript of the scientific article submitted to the journal is checked for correspondance to the journal content, design requirements and is checked in the Anti-Plagiarism system. If an average originality is revealed during the checking, the article is returned to the author for revision. In this case, the date of article receipt is the date of return of the revised article. If low originality is identified, the article is rejected without further review.
  9. In the process of editing an article, the editors reserve the right to shorten the article, change the style, vocabulary, but not the content of the work. Editors come to a positive conclusion on the publication only after successfully completing the editing stages and double-blind peer review.
  10. Articles which don`t meet these requirements are not registered. Articles not accepted for publication will not be returned.
  11. Any corrections regarding the requirements will be posted on the journal website.