PUMTS. 2019; 36(4): 60-62.

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Fungi of Candida genus belong to the pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity. Chronic candidiasis often occurs in the elderly and elderly with low reactivity, who use removable plastic prostheses (mainly atrophic form of candidiasis stomatitis) or in patients who use antibiotics, oral contraceptives, cytostatic drugs, corticosteroids.
Treatment of patients in the study group was considered effective in achieving positive results in the clinical picture of the disease and microbiological examination one month after the end of general and combined local therapy.
Our proposed combination topical antifungal therapy was performed as part of a comprehensive treatment for chronic candidiasis. General treatment included dieting, elimination of background pathology, and use of antifungal, hyposensitizing, immunobiological, and vitamin therapy. Local therapy of patients with atrophic and hyperplastic forms of chronic candidiasis stomatitis consisted in the application of the scheme developed at the department of therapeutic dentistry of UMSA, where several groups of antifungal agents are prescribed, which change throughout the day and course of treatment.

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