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Having subject to own professional peculiarities every specialist in a varying degree meets the difficulties of decision making. However there are few fields for human activity where it is possible to apply decision making process as ordinary and basic professional skill. Medical activity being sequence of diagnosing and treatment is the typical representative of such a field. Methods of decision making are multipurpose and universal though their successful application substantially depends on professional qualification of the specialist who must have exact understanding of peculiarities of the system he studies and must know how to lay down the task. Department of Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Informatics at Kharkov National Medical University with support of Department of Biomedical Engineering of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics have developed and implemented the lecture and practical lesson «Decision making in medicine». It is argued by fact that the doctor meets the common problem in different medical tasks (patient data acquisition, diagnostics, and treatment tactics).
The purpose of the introduction of this topic is to find out the possibility of students mastering various specialties of questions regarding the practical application of elements of decision theory in professional practice. During the practical training, students receive initial data, perform analysis, and identify risk factors and disease factors. On the basis of this information, students formulate many alternatives, then choose the appropriate method of finding the optimal solution and apply the method to the diagnostic or therapeutic process.
This technique has been practiced in the classroom using situational tasks. Not only Ukrainian but also foreign students took part in the classes, who appreciated their performance. The technique aroused very lively interest and continued discussion.

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