PUMTS. 2019; 34(2): 80-83

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Smoking of tobacco is а common harmful habit, which is related to one of the types of narcomany. At present smoking of tobacco is wide spread not only among adults but also among teenagers and sportsmen. In various methods of the treatment of smoking the essential place is occupied by non-medicamental methods — acupuncture in combination with psychotherapy. To raise effectiveness of the treatment of nicotin dependence it is necessary tо treat simultaneously the present somatic disease. For this purpose а combination of acupuncture with rational psychotherapy has been.In work is described possibility of the method rational psychotherapy at psychosomatic disorders, being not only reason, but also effect of the different internal organs diseases, possibility of the classical methods psychotherapy in «overcome disease». This article represents the data on diagnostics and treatment of vegetovascular dystonia in sportsmens at the age from 17 to 22 years and the possibilities of refleksotherapy in their rehabilitation. The difficulty of differential diagnosis and choice of therapeutic tactics in sportsmen with this pathology are noted. Recommendations in the method of prolonged reflexotherapy are given.

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