Архив месяца Июнь, 2016

Especially the relationship of the nonspecific protection factor and intestinal microbiocenosis at children with reactive arthritis

Normal microflora is very important general biological significance in human life, it carries out and regulates some body functions. Lisozym affects оn intestinal normoflora, promotes adhesion to receptors of representatives bifido- and lactoflora of a mucous membrane of  the  gastrointestinal tract. Research of the state of intestinal microflora in the acute ReA period showed that […]

Experimental and clinical substantiation bronchoconstrictor properties of inflammatory cytokines in children with asthma

In the pathogenesis of asthma in children, regardless of the etiology of the case features of an autoimmune component triggering the production sensitized T-lymphocytes inflammatory cytokines cause the development of chronic allergic inflammation in the broncho-pulmonary system. Purpose — to study experimentally proinflammatory cytokines sensitized T-lymphocytes that have bronchoconstrictor properties. Results Stu­dies — on the […]

Comorbid conditions in pediatrics: the development of subacute thyroiditis in a child with acute pyelonephritis

Modern tendencies of development of morbidity in child­ren’s age demonstrate an increase the number of children who have several connected with each other pathological conditions. In the paper the results are presented of the own observation of a girl of 10 years old, who was hospitalized concerning acute active pyelonephritis. During the examination there was […]

Expression of apelin and inflammatory markers in the mucosa of the esophagus with a combination of gastroesophageal reflux disease and essential hypertension

The aim — the study of the expression of apelin-12 and markers of inflammation cyclooxygenase (COX-2) and CD16 mucosa of the esophagus in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in combination with essential hypertension (EH). The study was performed on esophageal biopsies obtained by videoendoscopy in patients with comorbidity GERD and EH and patients with […]

Correction of systolic dysfunction with eccentric left ventricular remodeling in renal hypertensive patients

Chronic overload of the left ventricle in patients with arterial hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease leads to its remodeling. In the analysis of the effectiveness of the combined treatment of patients with left ventricle systolic dysfunction and eccentric left ventricle remodeling were examined 102 patients with hypertension and chronic glomerulonephritis. Changes in the […]

Features of bone metabolism at modeling in chronic kidney disease

One of the problems of modern nephrology is deve­lopment of a chronic renal failure owing to an illness of kidneys. Identification of mechanisms of this process is an actual task. Key pathological processes happen in interstition of kidney. Researches were conducted on model of remodeling of a bone tissue in a chronic illness of kidneys. […]

Jubilee of polyclinic pediatrics department of Kharkiv medical academy of post-graduate education

Ювілей кафедри поліклінічної педіатрії — одна із невід’ємних сторінок славетної 90‐річної історії Харківської медичної академії післядипломної освіти (ХМАПО). Завдяки мудрій політиці ректора Українського інституту удосконалення лікарів (нині — ХМАПО), професора Хвисюка Миколи Івановича (відтепер — почесного ректора), була створена і відкрита 1 березня 1986 р. кафедра поліклінічної педіатрії — на той час єдина в Радянському […]