Архив месяца Январь, 2016

The efficacy and safety of ozone therapy of patients with alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Nowadays there is constant searching for therapeutic options that would accelerate the recovery of patients from the state of alcohol withdrawal syndrome also would lead to better and more long-term remission and have no side effects. Treatment by using medical ozone is a perspective solution to this problem. We examined 156 men with alcohol withdrawal […]

Results of comparative studies cytotoxicity silicone material

Authors show the research results of the silicone materials cytotoxicity in vitro. There are 8 representatives have been selected from the group of silicone impression materials, which have different cytotoxicity and different influence on prosthe­tic bed and organism in general. Materials were subdivided according to the results and tendency of neutrophils migration to the 2‐nd […]

Change of structural and functional acid resistance of enamel in young adults with high intensity of dental caries under lecithin calcium complex

Given the high prevalence of dental caries, is urgent search for new means and methods of prevention. Widespread now found drugs of natural origin of domestic production, such as Lecithin-2. The study involved 132 student volunteers, enrolled in 2, 3 and 5 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry KhNMU. Group participants were formed depending on […]

Criteria of severity of rotatory subluxation of atlant in young children by the conventional x-ray method

Birth trauma is not rare injury of the upper cervical spine in infants, the effects of which are observed in older children and sometimes remain for a longer time. The article explored the plain radiography in determining the severity of damage to the upper cervical spine in young children by the method of statistical analysis. […]

Application of single-row anastomosis in the treatment of patients with gastric cancer

Summed up the surgical treatment of 150 patients with gastric cancer. The patients were divided into 2 groups: the main group of esophageal-gastric or esophageal-intestinal anastomosis formed single-row suture without manual capture of the mucous membrane in the control group, anastomosis formed in the usual way using the two-row joint. In patients of the main […]

Therapeutic exercise in muscular dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a complex neurological problem characterized by relentless progression and disability. Powered by a description of the most common clinical forms of progressive muscular dystrophy, their main features and differen­ces. We have proposed clinical and physiological study of exercise in these neurological problems. These exercises therapeutic exercises that are the most affordable, effective […]

Clinical picture, diagnostics and treatment of chronic vasomotor rhinitis

In article presents the typical clinical picture of vasomotor rhinitis with the frequency of occurrence of the main symptoms of the disease — the local (nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, post-nasal drip, sneezing) and general (deterioration of general condition, sleep disturbances, headache, etc.). We describe the clinical course of the disease, caused by the nature of the […]