Архив месяца Октябрь, 2015


Згідно з планом заходів Харківської медичної академії післядипломної освіти (ХМАПО) 15 травня 2015 р. у Харкові відбулася міжрегіональна науково-практична конференція з міжнародною участю, присвячена пам’яті проф. Ю. В. Бєлоусова «Педіатрична гастроентерологія: наука і практика», організатором якої стала кафедра педіатричної гастроентерології та нутриціології, що є опорною в Україні. Конференція зібрала понад 420 учасників із різних областей […]

Important aspects of the pharyngeal tonsil endoscopy in adults

More informative and safe method in the assessment of deep divisions nasal cavity and nasopharynx video arсhiving with the possibility of the data is considered endoscopy. Among 153 patients with pharyngeal tonsil hypertrophy according endorynoscopic pharyngeal tonsil hypertrophy study 1 degree diagnosed in 29.3 %, 2 degree in 46.3 %, 3 degree in 24.4 % […]

Problem of the correspondence to prosthetic bed, toughness and biological indifferense of the acrylic plastic prostheses

Th e advanced way polymerization of polymethacrylat and device for its realization is one of main in system of the interdependent methodses cliniclaboratory stage of the fabrication prosthetic device, from which depends their design. The Improvement to accuracy became possible to account directed polymeryzation shrinkage and preventive maintenances of the warping polymer. Due to the […]

Irritable bowel syndrome in the practice of family doctor: pathogenetic aspects and principles of disorders correction

The article shows that in patients with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, which is common practice in the family doctor, has been a violation of vascular endothelial function and lipid peroxidation — antioxidant protection. The correlation between the level of endothelin-1 and products of lipid peroxidation and feedback correlation between the level of endothelin-1 and […]

Innovative kinesteziometers technology and kinesistimulation therapy in medical practice

The „method of segmental-refl exogenic kinesineurostimulation” consists in the use of kinesthesiology to activate segmental-biorefractory systems and unconditioned refl exes in the treatment process for the recovery of organs and systems of man. Kinesistimulation therapy based on the therapeutic action of kinesistimulators who carry out the activation of biorefractory segmental-refl ex systems and organs and […]

Chronic vasomotor rhinitis: terminology, epidemiology and classification

In this review modern positions of «vasomotor rhinitis» notion are determined and it’s place in the structure of chronic non-allergic rhinogenous diseases. Questions of epidemiology and pathogenesis are stated and the existing classifi cations of the disease are presented.

Development axiological potential directors in the professional community of doctors and pedagogues

The definition and structure of the axiological potential formulated within the meaning of the authors. Presented the problem of determining in practice the basic values directors and leaders, as well as the development axiological potential in professional activities of doctors and pedagogue.