Архив месяца Октябрь, 2014

Psychic disturbances on cardial ischemic disease and somatoform vegetative dysfunction of cardiovascular-system patients

The reseach of 90 ishcemic cardial disease (ICD) and 75 somatoform vegetative dysfunction of cardio­vascular system (SVDCVS) patients has been done. The results that we got. For the ishcemic cardial patients the main variants of psychic disturbances were: nosogenic psychic desadaptation reactions, asthenic somatogenic symptomocomplex acute stress reactions. On somatoform vegetative disfunction of cardiovascular system […]

The role of accordance orientations and values of married in development of matrimonial disadaptation at depressive in women of different genesis

On the basis of clinical and psychological examination of 399 married couples with depressive disorders in women of different genesis, the authar studied especially harmonization of the orientations and values, as well the orientation of the individual orientation of the person of each of the spouses surveyed, the importance of personality characteristics of spouses and […]

Analysis of dynamics of spyrohrafy indexes for patients by focal pulmonary tuberculosis in the treatment process

The purpose of research was to assess the efficiency of methods of movement therapy in complex treatment of focal pulmonary tuberculosis according to data of the dynamics of spyrohrafy indexes and the results of hypoxic tests. The research is based on a clinic and function study of forty four women aged from 21 to 35 […]

Clinical and epidemiological characteristic and outcomes of botulism in the Kharkov region

In the article presents of clinical and epidemiological data by disease by botulism in Kharkov during the last 10 years. In detail the epidemiology aspects of disease by botulism are studied, age description, clinical symptoms of disease depending on weight of current, complications and outcomes. It is set, that duration of latent period at botulism […]

New markers of inflammation in patients with ischemic heart disease, pathogenetic and clinical importance

Experimental and clinical studies have shown that inflammation plays the key role in atherosclerotic process. Inflammation activity correlates with severity and outcomes of coronary heart disease. Biomarkers of inflammation are considered as predictors of ischemic heart disease. The identification of inflammatory biomarkers in atherosclerotic disease represents important goals in cardiovascular disease research, in particular with […]

Anatomical, morphological, clinical and radiological diagnostics of chlamidia associated pulmonary affection in hiv-infected and AIDS patients

The article outlines the issues of spreading, characteristics of pathogens, the clinical course of community-acquired and atypical pneumonia. Presents frequency, ways of transmission, clinical features and laboratory diagnostics of chlamydial pneumonia. Radiological examination methods and possibilities in the diagnosis of pulmonary and pleural lesion of chlamydial etiology and its complications are exposed. Additionally we present […]

Ways of improvement of method of vestibulometry for the express-estimation of the functional state

Vestibular system, along with visile, transude and by other eisodic systems, participates in providing of functions of determination of spatial co-ordinates and maintenance of equilibrium. Computerization of stabilography allowed to decide the task of visualization and treatment of stabilographical signals, realize a number of types of reverse biocommunication and take the deserving place among new […]