Архив месяца Июль, 2014

Dysregulation of erythropoiesis in elderly patients with chronic heart failure and cardio-renal syndrome

Results of study of erythropoiesis siturbances in elderly patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) and cardio-renal syndrome (CRS) are presented. In CHF and CRS dysregulation of erythropoiesis develops: in 24,6 % of patients hypererythropoietinemia is diagnosed; in 49,7 % — hypoerythropoietinemia; in 25,7 % of patients erythropoietin (ERP) level was within the norm. Positive correlation […]

Slower hypersensitivity reaction in children with bronchial asthma

In this issue there are shown the features of marker activities of cellular immunity in children with В A. It is done in a pretty factual material. The changes are discovered in hyposupressive type of markers CD3, CD8, B-lymphocytes — CD19 and the increase of CD95 Shown changes are pathogenetic basis for the development of […]

Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy effect on proliferative and apoptotic activity of the thyroid cancer

Results of treatment of locally advanced thyroid cancer remains unsatisfactory. This paper studied the neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy effects on proliferative and apoptotic processes. Such method of treatment leads to marked changes in the studied parameters, is promising for further study in radioiodine resistant thyroid tumors. The prospect for further research is to identify the correlation relationships […]

Using modern information technology to analyze the impact special treatment to the emergence of second tumors

In this paper, we studied the effect of anticancer treatments on the occurrence of second tumors by means of statistical processing of electronic data array follow-up histories of cancer patients. It is proved that the treatment regimen with lots of carcinogenic factors led to a more positive long-term effects — the lowest frequency of second […]

Radiochemotherapy for rectal cancer and ways to reduce its toxicity

The results of inoperable rectal cancer treatment with irradiation in chronomodulated mode (during 7:00–10:00, 12:00–14:00 and 18:00–20:00) and sensibilisation of tumor by previous 8-hour infusion of 5-fluorouracil are presented. The interval from 7:00 to 10:00 was proved to be the best time for a session of irradiation. Radiotherapy group 7:00–10:00 determined development of enterocolitis in […]

Features of the clinical course and the treatment optimization at hepatic echinococcosis complicated by the obstructive jaundice

Purpose of work is to improve the diagnostics and results of treatment of patients with hepatic echinococcosis complicated by the disorder of bile’s outflow into the duodenum. The tactics and course of treatment of 31 patients (17 males and 14 females) at the age of 17-78 years old with the above mentioned disease within the […]

Peculiarities of clinical course of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants

The data about the peculiarities, risk factors and clinical characteristics of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants were stated in this article. Risk factors, such as ante- and prenatal pathology, artificial feeding, passive smoking, ARVI in past were selected. The clinical picture of acute obstructive bronchitis characterized by intoxication, bronchoobstructive syndromes and catarrhal symptoms. Bandbox percussion […]