PUMTS. 2020; 37(1): 79-82.

Analyzing the problem of professional self-determination of modern adolescents, the article shows that modern school graduates need the help of adults in identifying and planning further professional paths taking into account the gender characteristics of the professional orientation. The study was conducted in 2019 on the basis of Kharkiv schools. The study involved 289 senior students (boys and girls in almost equal proportions). To conduct the research, the following methods were used: Sandra Bam’s method of “Masculinity, Femininity and the Gender Type of Personality”, a modified J. Goland method of determination the professional type of personality, and E. A. Klimov differentiated diagnostic questionnaire. According to the results, modern high school students lack a clear professional plan and most of them (68 %) show low independence in choosing a profession. It has been established that among young men, adherence to gender stereotypes in matters of the professional distribution of labor is 70.8 %. Girls have more liberal ideas regarding the distribution of labor: 42.3 % believe that stereotypes in the distribution of professions for “male” and “female” are currently irrelevant. Gender characteristics of professional preferences have been identified. Gender socialization is an important component of development and adaptation of students, contributing to better self-determination in the personal and professional sphere. Taking into account the aspects of gender socialization of adolescents contributes to the formation of internal readiness for independent construction and realization of the prospects for professional and personal life self-determination.

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