PUMTS. 2020; 37(1): 5-9.

The article is devoted to the problems of organizing medical care for adolescents in healthcare reform in Ukraine. It is known that adolescents and young people are one of the most vulnerable groups of population. At this time, significant amount of anatomical and physiological abnormalities is presented, psychological traits, stereotypes of behavior, bad habits are formed. The provision of timely medical and social care and comprehensive preventive measures at this age is the most effective method of preventing the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases in adults. The issue of protecting health of adolescents worldwide is considered a priority today. This is supported by the latest recommendations and strategies on adolescent health policies offered by WHO and the United Nations.

The article presents an analysis of the state of the adolescent medical service in Ukraine in the historical aspect and at the stage of transformation today. The reform of the health care system in Ukraine, the introduction of the Institute of Family Medicine, and the reduction of budget funding lead to a significant decrease in practicing physicians for adolescents and a decrease in attention to, in particular, preventive work. Against this background, there is a steady increase in the prevalence of all diseases, especially socially significant ones, in adolescents in Ukraine. Now it is necessary to work out a Strategy for providing medical assistance to adolescents, to determine the place of school medicine. Specialists working with adolescents necessarily need special training in physiology, pathology, risk behavior and its consequences, and in the medical consultation for adolescents.

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