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Development axiological potential directors in the professional community of doctors and pedagogues

The definition and structure of the axiological potential formulated within the meaning of the authors. Presented the problem of determining in practice the basic values directors and leaders, as well as the development axiological potential in professional activities of doctors and pedagogue.

Quantum electrodynamics — clue of hypnosis phenomena

Hypothesis model of hypnosis, based onframework laws of quantum electrodynamics isdeveloped. Hypnosis phenomena, including a healthbenefit which appears in patients with seriousorganic pathology, are explained from a perspective of quantum bioenergy. It is suggested, that a component of therapeutic factor of hypnotherapeutictransformations should be considered to be an eddyelectromagnetic field with high frequency, variableelectromagnetic field. Synthesis of extremely […]

About the basic foundation for independent work of the doctors at the cycles of postgraduate specialization

There are some data about independent work organization in the system of postgraduate education. The article describes modern education forms, its types, peculiarities of auditorium and extra-auditorium independent work of students. The notion «self-education» has been differentiated. The forms of control are described in specialization cycle.

New markers of inflammation in patients with ischemic heart disease, pathogenetic and clinical importance

Experimental and clinical studies have shown that inflammation plays the key role in atherosclerotic process. Inflammation activity correlates with severity and outcomes of coronary heart disease. Biomarkers of inflammation are considered as predictors of ischemic heart disease. The identification of inflammatory biomarkers in atherosclerotic disease represents important goals in cardiovascular disease research, in particular with […]

Local protocol for anaesthetic management in patients with kidney diseases

Anaesthetic management in patients with kidney diseases undergoing surgery remains a pressing issue in modern medicine. The local protocol for anaesthetic management in patients with kidney diseases presented in this paper relies upon the experience and literature data and has been implemented at the basis of the Department of Anaesthesiology at the Kharkiv Medical Academy […]

Features of distance education for improvement educations of doctors-psychologists, psychologists and psychotheraputists in medical institutions

The question of distance education in Ukraine is becoming more important these days. It is therefore necessary to consider the possibility of introducing information technology to the practice of health care workers in Ukraine. Scientific advances in medicine, processing and introduction of new methods of diagnosis and treatment necessitate continuous education of health professionals. That […]

Disadvantages and benefits of distant postgraduate education for doctors and pharmaceutis

Experience is analyzed in performing first distant postgraduate education cycle “Important aspects of early childhood pathology” for 64 pediatricians from Lviv, Volyn and Rivne regions at Lviv National Medical University Postgraduate Faculty. Disadvantages and benefits of such education methods for general physicians are discussed in the abstract.